Our workout is split into boxing on the bags and weight training on our customized Lucky Punch benches. 
Lucky Punch is an all-level, 55-minute boxing and strength workout that delivers serious sweat in a fun, high-energy setting. You’ll walk out empowered with an endorphin high like no other. 10 rounds, two fists, zero experience necessary. 

Unique club atmosphere through Lucky Punch headphones. Get out of your head & into the workout.  It’s addictive! We play punchy beats and pre-selected playlists from the best local Dj’s.
From beginner to experienced puncher. We share the lucky vibes and celebrate your hard work no matter your fitness level.

We empower people to become heroes and overcome challenges. Not every fight is fought in a ring. We inspire you to stand on your feet, pick up your hands and win your own battles. Yes, the physical and mental benefits are legendary. Nothing will get you fitter, stronger and faster into knockout shape.
If you want to see what our version of a hero looks like, stand in front of a mirror, pick up your hands and make a fist, ready to #throwyourluckypunch.

Our heroes will inspire your hustle with motivational
speeches. It’s not you vs you, we fight together in a
 Have a look.

Our pop up classes are back and this time, Sweaty Summer will be kicking off in a new location!🔥
📍25hours Hotel Zurich West – Pfingstweidstrasse 102
📅Every Tuesday 12pm, Wednesday 6pm, Thursday 6pm
🥊Get punching under the summer sun!