Brand Embassador

Name: Mirjana Mira Zuber.

Hometown: Where my suitcase is.

Typical you: I am always smiling and I have a great attitude towards life and people. I only see the positive in every situation and I am trying to make others feel better about themselves- this is me. Nice to meet you!

Passionate about: …experiencing life! I love the sky, the stars, the universe, love & freedom to do what my heart desires!

What nobody knows about you: I can‘t bake a banana bread. I can‘t ski. I can‘t iron.

What do you love about boxing? Boxing gives me such a power to believe in my capabilities! It helps me to free my mind and focus only on myself. Through boxing I have gained a lot of strength physically and mentally. That is a priceless feeling!

When do you feel lucky? When small things go right.

Favorite thing about Lucky Punch: The community! I‘ve met the most amazing people at our Lucky Punch parties! What do all they have in common? They live in the moment!