VIBRANT! 2 rounds on the bag – 2 rounds on the floor. No experience necessary.
We start with a heart pumping warm up where we take you through the boxing fundamentals step by step, get into shadow boxing  – and of course our vibe check!
Our warm up is followed by 45 minutes of boxing training on the bags and body weight exercises on the floor. The music is electrifying, our heroes are motivating are and the vibes are the luckiest you’ve experienced in a while!

Please do! Our workouts are designed for any level and allow you to get into boxing at your own pace. Our system will know that you’re a first timer at Lucky Punch and our Heroes will keep an extra eye out for you.

Our Fundamentals class is designed if you want to improve your overall performance, posture and technique. If you don’t dare to join a class right away, you can join the Fundamentals class first and learn all about 1-6 punches, boxing stance etc. etc. 

Let our heroes know about any injuries or concerns before class. They can offer modification for almost any exercise.

All of our classes – except for the HERO class – are perfect for beginners. We would suggest to join the fundamentals class as the focus is on corrections, boxing technique and exercise form. 

You just need to bring the best vibes! We have Gloves, wraps, headphones and towels ready for you to use in our location. If you prefer to have your own pair of gloves and/or wraps you can buy them directly in our studio.

Yes, our HERO class. We start with a shadow boxing warm up right away and you get no breaks in between the exercises. Also, there is a team challenge in between every floor-bag switch.


We got you covered. Water, Shakes, Bowls – anything your heart desires before, during and after the greatest workout ever.

Of course! We provide lockers, showers, toilets and a community area for you to connect before and after training.


Yes, it will only take you a few steps and you are part of the greatest community Zurich has ever seen. 

No, if you want to test the Lucky Punch waters before fully committing to it you can also buy 1 credit. But of course you got more value for your money if you decide to go with a package or membership.

You can cancel your membership by sending us an email to info@luckypunch-boxing.com. Please be aware of our 30-day cancellation policy.

When our classes are fully booked we provide 5 spots on our waiting list. If one client cancels their spot, the first position on the waiting list will automatically be booked into the class. You will get a push notification on our app or can check your status online anytime.

Our acceptance policy for myclubs is set to 8 hours prior to class. The clients who book through our website or app get priority – then our myclubs clients get accepted.


We recommend to arrive at the studio 15 minutes before class. 

You will be welcomed by the person at the reception desk. If it’s your first time, please mention that and you will be taken care of.

Please arrive at Lucky Punch at least 5 minutes before class to make sure that your spot won’t be released to the waiting list or walk in clients.

Our cancellation policy allows you to cancel your spot until 6 hours before class. If you do not show up for your reserved class or attempt to cancel within the late cancellation window, you will be charged for the reservation.

Whatever makes you feel lucky!

You are fine with any workout shoes suitable for cardio or strength training.


A Lucky Punch class is an incredible HIIT total body workout.
You’ll see improved balance and coordination, increased metabolism, and burn up to 13 calories per minute. Our Aqua training bags reduce the impact on your joints, and the teardrop shape increases trainer visibility so that you’ll never feel lost during class. The endorphins released during class will make you feel luckier than ever.

Boxing will give you the best endorphin high of your life — but if we’re talking physical benefits, it improves:
fat burning, your metabolism, muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, core stability, general strength and power, reflex and coordination and it’s the best stress relief.

Boxing has proven to be one of the most effective forms of exercise for losing weight.
The combination of burning calories and gaining muscle directly results in weight loss.

Wraps help protect your hands, wrists and knuckles while punching the bag and provide stability inside of the gloves.

Of course , you are very welcome to! But that’s a question we do not want to answer. Please discuss this with your doctor.

Yes you can. Please shoot us a message at info@luckypunch-boxing.com