Team building is a hot topic these days. It is essential to have stimulating activities

outside of work. Many business owners struggle to figure out how to
make their team building activities exciting or relevant to their business.
Lucky Punch is here to help you!


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Lucky Punch classes are so much more than just getting the endorphins going. It is one of the most attractive fitness activities for team members out there as in today’s world, productivity is the number one priority for every company. That’s why companies seek activities that could help their employees become more productive. Boxing and sport, in general, has always been an excellent method of improving teamwork and building both physical and mental endurance.

Have you noticed lack of motivation in your team? Then it’s time to shake up your team routine with a corporate boxing class! Fitness inspired boxing is an efficient discipline that relies on a combination of techniques, coordination and power. Success depends on preparation, research, reviewing the opposition and goal setting. Our boxing classes combine all these elements and leave you with a plan towards victory!

Lucky Punch’s corporate classes are engaging and fun. We offer a highly effective method to develop trust, team spirit, and resilience in any organisation. The best thing about getting involved in exciting, high-intensity training is that you can bring the whole team together in a vibrant environment. It gives everyone in your company a positive approach that will be remembered and valued for years to come.

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Our pop up classes are back and this time, Sweaty Summer will be kicking off in a new location!🔥
📍25hours Hotel Zurich West – Pfingstweidstrasse 102
📅Every Tuesday 12pm, Wednesday 6pm, Thursday 6pm
🥊Get punching under the summer sun!